Tips On Purchasing Properties In Adult Communities In Waltham MA

Purchasing properties in adult communities is somewhat different from other types of purchases. Adult communities can offer different features, amenities, and regulations. This blog covers tips on purchasing properties in adult communities in Waltham MA.

What Are Adult Communities

Adult communities are age-restricted. The explicit guidelines are based on the exact complex. Some require just one member of the household be a minimum of age 55 while others are stricter and require every resident be at least age 62. Some allow minors while others forbid them. It is critical to be aware of these and other restrictions before entering into an agreement.

Common Features Of Adult Communities

Adult communities are designed to provide maintenance-free living. Most come with certain conveniences. Golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, and recreational facilities are very popular. An association is generally tasked with everyday maintenance of land, building exterior, and common amenities. Many may also provide recreational programs. Monthly or annual dues may apply.

Real estate within adult communities usually come with particular features. Examples are a master bedroom on the first floor, smaller yards, and energy efficient materials. For new construction buildings, certain enhancements may be optional. Model homes are generally upgraded to showcase a full range of features, so do not assume that everything you see in a model are included.

Purchasing Properties In Adult Communities In Waltham MA

Every community has something unique to offer. This is dependent upon age guidelines, rules, amenities, property features, location, and residents. It is important to evaluate and weigh all of this information. Hiring a real estate professional who focuses on this type of property may be extremely valuable in the process. Your real estate professional will help you gather community details, advise you on things to ask about, and help you develop an informed decision about purchasing properties in adult communities in Waltham MA.