Single Family Properties For Sale In Waltham MA

Single family properties are the most common category of real estate. As the name implies, they are individual unit properties. However, single family properties include many distinctive designs and contain different amenities, meeting the preferences of varied types of buyers. The following is an overview of single family properties for sale in Waltham MA.

Desirability of Single Family Properties

Single family living is most desired for its separation from other properties. With few restrictions, you maintain the freedom to customize your property to match your personality. Most single families have some amount of land, allowing you to enjoy both the outdoors and indoors. Mortgage programs are often more advantageous for single family properties as well (compared to other types of properties).

Single Family Home Styles

Single families include many designs. Colonials feature two floors above ground. Capes offer two floors but usually include slanted ceilings on the upper level. Ranch style feature single level living. Split entry styled homes typically include stairs going up and down at the front entryway with a full level above and a partially finished basement level. Some single family properties may actually be connected to other single families. These are the most common home styles, but there are many more such as cottage and craftsman.

Single Family Home Features

As with all kinds of home, single family properties may offer varying amenities. Some will have guest rooms with second kitchens, specialized kitchen features, additional rooms, built-in equipment, and more. Added features can make a property stand out and attract special groups of home buyers. The amenities often determine price point.

Single Family Properties For Sale In Waltham MA

Most single family properties for sale in Waltham MA are indexed in the local MLS database. As a real estate agent, I can give you direct access to all properties for sale. Visit for an up-to-date inventory of single family properties for sale in Waltham MA. If you are looking for very particular home features, please contact me. I can further refine the list to reflect your preferences. I will also keep you informed of new homes that match your preferences.