Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Autumn is a perfect time of year to address several routine maintenance and get your home prepared for winter. Winter is damaging to your property. These winter home maintenance tips will help reduce damage from winter weather and make your property safer for everyone inside.

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Better Heat Retention

Over the winter months, it is helpful to reduce heat loss and thus minimize heating expenses. Eliminate gaps in window frames and update seals around doors as needed. Be sure to also look for gaps around pipes.

Flush Outdoor Pipes

Your home may have a few external water features such as a sprinkler system and exterior faucets. These must be emptied to prevent freezing and damage in frigid weather. For faucets, turn interior shut off valves and empty any remaining water. sprinkler systems might require professional services to safely winterize.

Check Exterior Components

The exterior of your house can take a beating over winter. Repair any damaged roof shingles before temperatures drop. Review your siding for any gaps that could present a problem. Unclog and fix gutters. Also consider extending downspouts to push water away from your building. These are some important areas of your property to review and complete repairs prior to winter.

Protect Against Fire and Other Hazards

Because properties are heated during winter, the possibility of fire and carbon monoxide problems is higher. To reduce this risk, have heating elements inspected and cleaned regularly. This includes fuel burning heating units, fireplaces, and wood stoves. Install smoke and CO detectors. Replace batteries in them yearly. Also, the expiration date on fire extinguishers and replace as needed. These are all important safety measures to complete annually.

Other Things to Get Your Home Prepared For Winter

There are many additional things to get your home prepared for winter. Other than identifying property repairs, it is important to move outdoor furniture and equipment to a place away from snow and ice. Think about lawn mowers, outdoor furniture, decorative pieces, potted plants, and anything else that you may have. Any items damaged the previous year should be stored indoors this year. Address those items now to reduce the chances of a repeat. Lastly, do an supply and equipment check. Make sure everything is in proper working order. Also, track down snow shovels and winter clothing. Hopefully these winter home maintenance tips will make this winter less chaotic.