Waltham MA Condominium Vs. Single Family Homes

A common decision for first time home buyers is whether to buy a condominium or single family. Both offer different advantages. Buyers obviously look at prices between the two, but the one that is better for you will also relate to your lifestyle and preferences. Below are a few factors for deciding between Waltham MA condominium vs. single family homes.

Control Over Changes

Renovation options is an important difference in Waltham MA condominium vs. single family homes. With condominiums, there are rules on what you may or may not do to your property. In many cases, you can change the interior space of your home as long as it does not alter the structure. Exterior elements are normally maintained by the condo association. When it comes to single families, you can change any element of the interior or exterior of your home. You have full power (limited only by governing building codes).


Due to the proximity to other homes and the amenities, Waltham MA condominium vs. single family homes can be somewhat contrasting. With condominiums, you are more apt to interact with neighbors (such as in common areas). With single families, your space has more separation from your neighbors, so interacting with others can take more effort. However, some single families in subdivisions might also provide direct interactions if they include common amenities.


Although detached condominiums are sometimes an option, most condominiums are attached to other units. Thus, you often share one or more walls as well as other boundaries. If detachment and privacy are important, then single family homes are the better alternative.

Routine Repairs

Condominiums require less work than single family homes . This is because Condominium fees usually take care of routine maintenance such as lawn maintenance and exterior work. So, you would not need to complete covered repairs yourself as a condominium unit owner. With single family properties, you must complete all maintenance and repairs, both interior and exterior. If you maintain a hectic schedule, then a condo might be a good fit.

Deciding on Waltham MA Condominium Vs. Single Family Homes

There technically is no answer to Waltham MA condominium vs. single family homes and which is best. Both offer many benefits. In the end, it depends on your specific preferences. Do you want to handle fewer maintenance tasks? Is privacy critical? How do you feel about interacting with neighbors? Do you plan to renovate? By answering these questions and knowing how it applies to Waltham MA condominium vs. single family homes, you can select which is better for your situation.