Selling Your Waltham MA House As-is

If you have purchased or listed a home recently, you have likely come across the word as-is. This can be a useful condition for sellers, but it is important to know how a buyer may perceive it. Here is what you should know about selling your Waltham MA house as-is.

Understanding What the Term As-Is Means

The term as-is means that a house will be sold in its current state. This covers any issues that could be present, whether they are visible or not. Buyers may order an inspection to fully understand an issues prior to finalizing the purchase. Based on previous cases involving as-is terminology, the particular interpretation will actually differ by state.

Disclosure of Property Issues

No matter whether the term as-is applies to a home sale, sellers have a duty to share any material problems. The use of as-is does not permit sellers to hide issues. Sellers must remember this.

How Buyers Will React

Coming across the term as-is in a listing is always scary for first time buyers. Many infer that the house must have considerable issues. Buyers amenable to buying a house as-is may end up offering less to accommodate the as-is condition. Buyers should contact an attorney if they have concerns about their risks related to as-is clauses.

Seller Benefits of As-Is Conditions

Sellers frequently use the term as-is to simply express that they do not intend to address any work on a house before settlement. But, from a legal standpoint, it means much more. The term is useful to a home seller because it provides some scope of protection against future lawsuits from a buyer. For buyers, it can be a red flag and they must move forward with caution.

Advice on Selling Your Waltham MA House As-is

This is not really a simple question. Ask your Realtor about selling your Waltham MA house as-is and whether it is a good idea. He/she may also provide some information on the affect it may have on prospective offers. If you are not currently working with a Realtor, call Jeanne Umbrello at Wal-Lex Realty at (781) 894-4321.