1st Quarter 2016 Waltham MA Condo Real Estate Market Report

Home sales figures can tell you quite a bit about a particular market. Trends willl change continuously, so it is useful to remain up to date if you are thinking of buying or listing in Waltham. The 1st quarter 2016 Waltham MA condo real estate market report in this blog includes recent sales figures.

Prices of Condo Homes in Waltham MA

Selling prices offer a simple glimpse of a specific market. Condo real estate in Waltham MA sold for 0,669 on average during 1st quarter 2016. For a similar time frame the last year, the average selling price was $382,288. This represents a 12.66 % change. In the year before that, it was $368,387.

2016 $430,669
2015 $382,288
2014 $368,387

Activity in the Waltham MA Market

Total number of properties sold can tell you a few things about the market. Low numbers normally result from low inventory, which might result in a build up of demand and drive up home prices. This may be applicable in a sellers market. Alternatively, a lot of inventory may cause a surplus. Home buyers may have the advantage in this case since sellers must compete for fewer potential buyers.

In Waltham MA for the 1st quarter 2016, the total number of properties sold was 56. This increased 64.71% from the year before (which was34). Before that, it adjusted -24.44% from 45 to 34.

2016 56
2015 34
2014 45

Waltham MA 2016 1st Quarter Average Marketing Time

Average marketing time is the amount of time it requires for a listing to get under agreement. It can tell you how hot the market is and what advantage, if any, you might have as a buyer or seller. When houses are going under agreement fast, as a buyer, you may not have the option of waiting very long to act as the house may go under agreement quickly. As a home seller, it is critical to establish sensible expectations for marketing efforts. Do not forget that the listing price and presentation of an individual home can influence that as well.

The Average marketing time in Waltham MA for the 1st quarter increased 6.9% from 58 to 62. In the time frame previous to that, it changed -37.63% from 93 to 58.

2016 62
2015 58
2014 93


1st Quarter 2016 Waltham MA Condo Real Estate Market Report

For more 1st quarter 2016 Waltham MA condo real estate market report or statistics for other areas, please contact Jeanne Umbrello at at Wal-Lex Realty These statistics were pulled from the MA MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is intended to offer a general understanding of the real estate market, is not certified, and might not encompass every condo transferred in Waltham.