Questions To Ask When Choosing Contractors In Newton MA

Whether you have a new property or an older one, there will be an occasion where you will need to hire a contractor to complete repairs. There is information that you can gather to ensure that the company you hire is competent, has a good reputation, and will meet your expectations. This article includes questions to ask when choosing contractors in Newton MA.

Contractor Work History

Be sure to find out who will be performing the work and confirm that they specialize in the particular field. This will avoid you being surprised at the arrival of subcontractors when you expected the primary contractor to be responsible for the work. Just as you would not hire a roofer to perform electrical work, it is best to find contractors within the particular expertise required in your renovation. Experience typically results in better quality work.

Licensing and Associations

Confirm that the company is licensed to operate in your state. The license indicates that the contractor has met certain requirements and understands local building codes. Most states have a website that lists contractors and their status.

Some contractors may also be affiliated with formal organizations. This offers an added assurance as most have codes of conduct and a process for customers to report issues. It also signifies an added commitment to quality and accountability as participation is typically voluntary.


Ask whether the contractor is properly insured. This reduces your chances of being sued when someone gets injured in your home or cause damage to neighboring properties. All types of repairs have risk of personal injury so it is important to reduce your liability.

Check Work History

Always perform the extra due diligence of calling references. If possible, view some of the past work as well. This enables you to evaluate their workmanship.

Questions To Ask When Choosing Contractors In Newton MA

It is important to get an understanding of who you are allowing into your home to complete a project because in many cases they may be there while you are away at work. Looking into the items detailed in the questions to ask when choosing contractors in Newton MA above may take a little time, but it will ensure that you select a reputable contractor. This information is intended only as a generic overview and must not be interpreted as legal advice or all-inclusive.