Full Year 2015 Newton MA Single Family Property Market Report

Real estate sales statistics will give you a good sense of the condition of a specific market. They can change monthly, so it is important to remain current if you are contemplating selling or purchasing in Newton. The full year 2015 Newton MA single family property market report in this blog includes some of the latest figures.

Newton MA single family Property Prices

Selling prices are a glimpse of a particular market. The average sale price of single family properties in Newton MA for the full year 2015 was 1287924. For a similar period of time the last year, that average was $1,144,038. It therefore increased 12.58 %. In the year before that, the average was $1,070,227.

2015 $1,287,924
2014 $1,144,038
2013 $1,070,227

Newton MA Real Estate Market Activity Snapshot

Listing volume can tell you some things about the market. Low figures often indicate lack of inventory, which could lead to a build up of demand and boost market values. This is normally seen in a sellers market. On the other hand, too much inventory may result in an excess. Home buyers may have the upper-hand in that case because sellers must vie to get their houses sold.

In Newton MA for the full year 2015, the listing volume was 599. This increased 3.81% from the previous year (which was577). Before that, it changed -7.38% from 623 to 577.

2015 599
2014 577
2013 623

Newton MA 2015 Full Year Average Days On Market

Average days on market is the time it takes to attract a valid buyer. It may you give a sense of how hot the market may be and what advantage, if any, you could have as a buyer or seller. When homes are going under contract in fewer days, as a prospective home buyer, you may not have the option of waiting very long to act as the house might be taken by another party. As a home seller, it is helpful to maintain proper expectations for how quickly you can secure an offer. Remember that the set price and presentation of a certain home may impact that also.

The Average days on market in Newton MA for the full year increased 20.37% from 54 to 65. This after it changed -5.26% from 57 to 54.

2015 65
2014 54
2013 57

Full Year 2015 Newton MA Single Family Property Market Report

For additional full year 2015 Newton MA single family property market report or details for neighboring areas, please contact Jeanne Umbrello at at Wal-Lex Realty This information was compiled from the Mass. MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to offer a generic understanding of the market, is not guaranteed, and might not necessarily account for every single family transacted in Newton.