Property Overview For Lexington MA 2015 2nd Quarter

The market has remained steady in Lexington. Home prices are close to that of the previous year.

Home sales statistics will give you a sense of what is going on in a particular market. Things could change continuously, so it is useful to remain up to date if you are looking to purchase or sell in Lexington. The property overview for Lexington MA 2015 2nd quarter below includes some of the latest information.

Lexington MA single family Property Prices

Selling prices are a glance of a local market. The average selling price of single family real estate in Lexington MA for the quarterly 2015 was ,116,887. For the preceding year, that average was $1,112,315. This is a 0.41 % change. Two years ago, it was $939,729.

2015 $1,116,887
2014 $1,112,315
2013 $939,729

Lexington MA Market Transactions

Listing volume can tell you a few things about the real estate market. Low numbers typically result from reduced inventory, which then leads to a build up of demand and boost home prices. This is normally seen in a sellers market. On the other hand, too much inventory can result in a surplus. Buyers will have the upper-hand in this situation as sellers must vie to get their houses sold.

In Lexington MA during the 2nd quarter 2015, the listing volume was 103. This decreased -18.75% from the year before (which was104). Prior to that, it adjusted -18.75% from 128 to 104.

2015 103
2014 104
2013 128

Lexington MA 2015 2nd Quarter Average Days On Market

Average days on market is the amount of time it requires to find a viable buyer. It can tell you how active the market is and what leverage, if any, you might have as a buyer or seller. When inventory is moving fast, as a prospective home buyer, you may not have the luxury of waiting delaying a decision as the listing might be taken by another party. As a home seller, it is helpful to establish fair expectations for marketing efforts. Keep in mind that the listed price and curb appeal of a certain home can influence the time frame.

The Average days on market in Lexington MA for the 2nd quarter increased 34.04% from 47 to 63. This after it changed 2.17% from 46 to 47.

2015 63
2014 47
2013 46

Property Overview For Lexington MA 2015 2nd Quarter

For additional property overview for Lexington MA 2015 2nd quarter figures or statistics for nearby neighborhoods, please contact Jeanne Umbrelloat at Wal-Lex Realty These figures were pulled from the Massachusetts MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to provide a general understanding of the market, is not certified accurate, and might not necessarily encompass every single family transacted in Lexington.