2016 1st Quarter Lexington MA Single Family Home Statistics

Market data can tell you quite a bit about a particular market. They may change often, so it is important to stay current if you are contemplating selling or buying in Lexington. The 2016 1st quarter Lexington MA single family home statistics in this blog details some of the latest data.

Prices of Single Family Properties in Lexington MA

Sale prices offer a quick snapshot of a local market. During 1st quarter 2016, single family houses in Lexington MA sold for 1284528 on average. During a similar period of time the prior year, that average was $1,113,123. It therefore increased 15.4 %. Before that, it was $1,150,807.

2016 $1,284,528
2015 $1,113,123
2014 $1,150,807

Lexington MA Market Movement

Listing volume indicate a few things about the market. Few sales can reflect little inventory, which could lead to pent up demand and elevate market values. This can be apparent in a sellers market. Alternatively, a lot of inventory may cause a surplus. Buyers can have the advantage in this scenario since sellers must vie to get their real estate sold.

In Lexington MA for the 1st quarter 2016, the listing volume was 42. This represents a -8.7% difference from the year before (which was46). Prior to that, it changed 17.95% from 39 to 46.

2016 42
2015 46
2014 39

Lexington MA Average Days On Market for the 1st Quarter 2016

Average days on market describes the length of time it requires to attract a viable buyer. It will tell you how active the market may be and what advantage you may have as a seller or buyer. When homes are selling fast, as a buyer, you may not have the option of waiting very long delaying a decision as the listing might go under contract really fast. As a home seller, it is critical to maintain proper expectations for marketing efforts. Do not forget that the price and condition of a certain house can affect the time frame.

The Average days on market in Lexington MA for the 1st quarter increased 17.92% from 106 to 125. This after it moved 3.92% from 102 to 106.

2016 125
2015 106
2014 102


2016 1st Quarter Lexington MA Single Family Home Statistics

For more 2016 1st quarter Lexington MA single family home statistics or statistics for other areas, contact Jeanne Umbrello at at Wal-Lex Realty This information was pulled from the MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is intended to offer a general overview of the real estate market, is not guaranteed, and might not include every single family sold in Lexington.