2015 Full Year Lexington MA Condo Property Market Report

Home sales statistics will tell you a lot about what is going on in a local market. Conditions might fluctuate regularly, so it is important to stay up to date if you are looking to purchase or sell in Lexington. The 2015 full year Lexington MA condo property market report in this blog may be helpful if you are contemplating purchasing or selling in Lexington.

Condo Home Prices in Lexington MA

Home prices provide a general glimpse of the market. During full year 2015, condo real estate in Lexington MA sold for 622017 on average. For the same period of time the previous year, that average was $546,037. It therefore increased 13.91 %. In the year before that, the amount was $485,369.

2015 $622,017
2014 $546,037
2013 $485,369

Lexington MA Market Movement

Listing volume can tell you some things about the housing market. Low numbers can result from low inventory, which might create pent up demand and escalate market values. This is often present in a sellers market. On the other hand, high inventory can cause a surplus. Buyers will receive the advantage in this case because sellers must compete for limited potential buyers.

In Lexington MA for the full year 2015, the listing volume was 93. This increased 34.78% from the year before (which was69). Before that, it changed 9.52% from 63 to 69.

2015 93
2014 69
2013 63

Lexington MA Average Listing Time for the Full Year 2015

Average listing time describes how long it takes to attract a valid buyer. It may tell you how active the market may be and what advantage you might have as either a buyer or seller. When inventory is selling in fewer days, as a prospective home buyer, you might not have the luxury of waiting delaying a decision as the home may be snatched up by someone else. As a seller, it is helpful to establish fair expectations on how long it may take to sell. Keep in mind that the listed price and presentation of a specific home will influence this time frame.

The Average listing time in Lexington MA for the full year decreased -26% from 50 to 37. This after it changed -32.43% from 74 to 50.

2015 37
2014 50
2013 74

2015 Full Year Lexington MA Condo Property Market Report

For additional 2015 full year Lexington MA condo property market report or statistics for other neighborhoods, contact Jeanne Umbrello at at Wal-Lex Realty These figures were extracted from the Massachusetts MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to offer a generic understanding of the real estate market, is not guaranteed accurate, and might not account for each condo transacted in Lexington.