Mortgage Tips

HomePath Renovation Mortgages

HomePath renovation mortgages enable mortgages to be obtained on a house that otherwise may not qualify for financing. The expense of repairs may be added to the loan balance, making buying the house more affordable. The following is useful … [Read more...]

Introduction To Waltham MA New Construction Mortgage Solutions

If you are evaluating building a new property rather than buying an older home, it is important to find out about the mortgage solutions on the market. Financing new homes is very different from purchasing an existing property. The conditions, rates, … [Read more...]

An Overview Of Common Mortgage Terms

Understanding the home loan process will be confusing, especially with all of the loan-related terms. Familiarizing yourself with common mortgage terms may facilitate the process. In this article you will find an overview of common mortgage … [Read more...]

MA FHA Mortgage Limits For This Year

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) updates their mortgage limits on a yearly basis. Buyers must be aware of what these limits are and how they could change. The great news is, in many regions, the loan limits have improved to accommodate rising … [Read more...]

Removing Mortgage Insurance From FHA Home Loans Issued Prior To June 3, 2013

Many home buyers who obtain FHA loans were persuaded by the ability to provide a low down payment. Since mortgage insurance is often assessed on mortgages with less than 20% down, most FHA home buyers have mortgage insurance payments with their … [Read more...]

Information On HomePath Financing For Waltham MA Properties

Fannie Mae owned real estate may include a notation regarding HomePath financing. This financing is only applicable to Fannie Mae homes and come with some great features. The information on HomePath financing for Waltham MA properties below may … [Read more...]

New Construction Mortgages And What You Need To Know | Waltham MA New Construction

New construction mortgages are not usually necessary when buying a home owned by a builder. Builders commonly cover the construction stage so that you can obtain a normal mortgage after completion of the house. Even though this makes your mortgage … [Read more...]

Mortgage Insurance Removal For Conventional Loans

For conventional loans where the amount financed is higher than eighty percent, mortgage insurance is likely charged. The amount is charged monthly and lumped into the mortgage payment. Mortgage insurance removal for conventional loans will reduce … [Read more...]

Changes To FHA Home Loans As Of The 15th Of September 2015 | Waltham MA FHA Home Loans

One of the most common home loan programs is FHA. Changes to FHA home loans as of the 15th of September 2015 include some critical changes. Here are the key changes. Employment History Requirements Multiple job changes or gaps in employment history … [Read more...]

A List Of Lender Closing Charges In Waltham MA

When you obtain a loan for a property purchase, you will incur various expenses related to the mortgage. These are normally called closing costs, but there actually include varying types of fees that fall into that classification. This article … [Read more...]